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Riding the Waves: A Year in Review of North America's Seafood Market

Riding the Waves: A Year in Review of North America's Seafood Market

From tantalizing fusion-style recipes to seamless restaurant deliveries, the seafood market in North America has weathered a sea of changes over the past year. Let's dive into the trends, flavors, and innovations that have made waves in this dynamic industry, catering to both home cooks and restaurant owners alike.



1. Culinary Creativity Unleashed: With more people cooking at home than ever before, seafood enthusiasts unleashed their culinary creativity in the kitchen. From succulent shrimp scampi to mouthwatering salmon tacos, home chefs across North America embraced a wide array of seafood recipes, exploring flavors from coast to coast and beyond. Our creative customers have taken advantage of our Salmon Poke Meal Kits, for memorable and inspiring fish taco meals made easy.

2. Demand for Quality Ingredients: As consumers became more discerning about the ingredients they use in their meals, the demand for high-quality seafood soared. From wild-caught favourites to sustainably sourced options, discerning home cooks sought out the freshest seafood available, driving a surge in demand for premium products from reputable suppliers.

3. Rise of Seafood Delivery Services: In the wake of dining restrictions, restaurants  turned to delivery services to stay afloat. From lobster rolls to seafood platters, these delivery platforms provided a lifeline for restaurants, enabling them to reach customers beyond their physical locations. Seamless delivery experiences and a diverse selection of seafood meal offerings became key differentiators in a competitive market. In Calgary, North Sea Fish & Farms delivers orders over $200 for free, and only $10 for smaller orders. Getting fresh, high quality, home-cooked seafood on your dinner table has never been easier or more affordable.


4. Sustainable Seafood Practices: Environmental consciousness continued to shape consumer preferences in the seafood market. More than ever, consumers sought out seafood options that were sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. From responsibly harvested fish to eco-friendly packaging, businesses in the seafood industry responded to this demand by prioritizing sustainability initiatives and transparent sourcing practices. North Sea Fish & Farms has been leading the charge on this movement from the start, hosting an entire variety of Ocean Wise and other certified sustainable products.

5. Innovation at Every Turn: From boat to plate, innovation drove the seafood market forward. Aquaculture advancements led to the production of healthier, more environmentally sustainable seafood options, while technological innovations streamlined supply chains and improved traceability. Meanwhile, creative collaborations between chefs and suppliers sparked new culinary trends and elevated the dining experience for seafood lovers everywhere. North Sea has taken on the challenge of making preparing seafood easier for your average home cook. These efforts have culminated in our Chef's specially curated meal kits, including our "Naked" Lobster meal kit. Open it up, drop it in boiling water, wait 11 minutes, and you're enjoying a gourmet lobster feast, complete with butter and seasoning!

Looking Ahead: As we navigate the currents of change in the seafood market, one thing remains certain: the passion for seafood and culinary exploration continues to thrive. If you are a home cook seeking inspiration or a restaurant owner looking to delight your patrons, the North American seafood market offers a bounty of flavors and opportunities waiting to be discovered. Whether ordering online for delivery, or visiting us in store at 3320 9 St. SE in Calgary, let us help you explore the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in the world of seafood.