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"Naked" Atlantic Lobster 6.5oz

$4700 CAD

This “naked lobster” is a quick, easy and convenient way to enjoy great lobster. It is made in Canada with MSC certified North Atlantic Ocean lobster. the package includes a whole lobster meat with flavoured butter packs inside.  The shell is removed so there’s no mess, no special tools and no need to handle or transport live lobster.


  • Whole lobster out of the shell (shell removed)
  • approx. 6.5 oz.
  • Equivalent to the meat from a 1.5 lb lobster
  • 2 flavoured butter coins in each lobster pack
  • No mess, no fishy odour
  • No need to deal with lobster shell so there’s no waste and no special tools required 
  • Maritime Stewardship Council (MSC) certified wild North Atlantic Ocean lobster
  • Product of Canada                                        

Cooking Instructions

Bring a large pot of water to a boil, add the frozen lobster package to the pot, and reduce to a gentle simmer.  Cook for 11 mins, and serve immediately. 
Ingredients: Lobster meat, butter, garlic
Contains: Shellfish, dairy