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Northern Divine White Sturgeon Caviar, (Canadian)

$11000 CAD

Must be refrigerated.

We have 2 sizes! 12 gram or 30gram to chose from.

Northern Divine is the only certified (Global Trust) organic caviar in North America. It is a Fraser-river sturgeon caviar, ethically, farm-raised using land-based aquaculture Sechelt, on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. A true Canadian gem. In addition, the sturgeon are fed organic feed, with no added hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives.
Northern Divine Caviar is Ocean Wise, Sea Choice, and CITES compliant.

The colour of the eggs or 'berries' range from rich grey, black pearl, olive to chocolate velvet. Purely refined, tastefully sublime, expressly created for astute palates that wish to embrace fresh sensations. Discover the impressive buttery, nutty delicate ocean flavour of sustainable caviar from the West Coast.

Enjoy Northern Divine Caviar atop toasted points, bread, or blini. Serve mixed
in scrambled eggs, or to garnish an omelet- the mouth-watering complexity of the caviar pairs well with almost any dish. Add to pasta or grilled seafood; canapes and hors d’oeuvres.

Oh Canada thankyou for Northern Divine Caviar!