New York Strip Steak  8 oz AAA ***New Supplier***

New York Strip Steak 8 oz AAA ***New Supplier***

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Sourced from Smith's Quality Meats these AAA New York Strip Steak s are abundantly flavorful, naturally juicy, and will be any steak lover's choice.  

The New York Strip is often called “the ultimate griller’s steak,” Our chef recommends grilling strips on a super-hot grill, quickly, to give the steak a great sear without overcooking. If you cook a NY steak indoors, pan-roast or reverse-sear are the best methods.


1/2 Case size: 5 lb     10 steaks    $13.00 per steak

Full Case size: 10 lb   20 steaks    $12.75 per steak

Ingredients: Beef

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