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Meadow Creek Chicken Apple Sausage 454g (3 x 151g)

$825 CAD

A family favorite, these lean chicken sausages are combined with apples and a signature blend of spices.  Perfect for breakfast or any time of the day, try them grilled, fried, or smoked!  
Meadow Creek Sausages - Locally made in Claresholm Alberta. All of the meat we use for sausage making is raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. We take great care in selecting where our meats come from and animal welfare is high on our priority list. We keep sausage-making simple and do not use any preservatives, additives, nitrates, color enhancers, shelf-life extenders, etc. Take a look at our labels, simple English and easy to understand. 
454 g - 3 x 151 g sausage
Raised without the use of added hormones and antibiotics, reduced sodium, gluten, and chemical-free.
Cooking Instructions 
Prep Ahead—Parboil Sausage 1) Boil a pot of water 2) Put the sausage in 3) Cover with a lid and turn off heat 4) Let it sit for 12 min 5) Cool sausage down 6) Now it’s ready for the BBQ, 5 minutes to brown up
Ingredients: Chicken breast meat, red peppers, salt and spices
Designation: Hormone-free, Gluten-free, Albertan