Lamb Shank - Fully Cooked (Sous-vide)
Lamb Shank - Fully Cooked (Sous-vide)
Lamb Shank - Fully Cooked (Sous-vide)

Lamb Shank - Fully Cooked (Sous-vide)

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This Australian Lamb Shank, sous-vide cooked to perfection with just salt and pepper added, is waiting for you to give it your personal touch and call it your own. Individually packed for no waste. Ready to use - just thaw, heat and serve. You will be impressed with the tenderness and flavor. Enjoy!

Cooking Instructions:  For best results thaw in bag before reheating. Boiling Water:  Place unopened bag in boiling water for 5-7 minutes. • CAUTION: Bag will displace water, be careful to not overflow water. Oven:  Preheat oven to 375°F. Remove from bag and place on a baking sheet. Heat for 5-7 minutes. • Cooking time and temperature may vary with equipment. For added crispiness, cook slightly longer.


Shanks size: 13 oz

Shanks/per bag: 1

Piece price: $9.00


Ingredients - Lamb, salt and pepper


May contain - Wheat


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