Chicken Breasts - Antibiotic-Free

Chicken Breasts - Antibiotic-Free

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These chicken breasts are sourced from free run, antibiotic-free, natural grain-fed chickens with no additives or preservatives, no growth promotants, and no animal by-products! Locally raised.

Case size: 10 lb

Pieces per case: 32 avg - 5 oz                                                         

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    • NOT Forced Fed
      • Antibiotic Free
        • Naturally Grain Fed
          • No Additives Or Preservatives
            • No Growth Promotants
              • No Animal By-Products!
                • Government Inspected & Processed at Alberta Approved Plant #127 at the Tschetter Colony located in Irricana, Alberta!
                  • Family owned and operated business since 1982!

                  Ingredients: Boneless skinless chicken breast

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