Alaskan King Crab (2 lb Bag)
Alaskan King Crab (2 lb Bag)

Alaskan King Crab (2 lb Bag)

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The King of Kings! We've got Alaskan King crab in the house!

Perfect for your next dinner party, family dinner, or meal with friends. King Crab is fully cooked, so reheat and serve.

Bag size: 2 lb bag

Understanding King Crab Sizes:

The size of King Crab legs refers to the quantity you would receive in a 10 lb increment. For example, 6-9ct King Crab means if you were to buy 10 lbs of product, you would receive 6-9 legs in it.  The smaller the number, the larger the size of King Crab. 

Cooking Instructions

Bake, broil or steam 8 - 10 minutes at 400˚F


Crab, Salt.

Contains Shellfish.

  • Wild Caught
  • Fully Cooked
  • Tender & Succulent

Nutritional information:

 *Nutritional table provided for informational purposes only.

Actual product package information may vary.