Dungeness Crab - 2 lb
Dungeness Crab - 2 lb

Dungeness Crab - 2 lb

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The Dungeness crab was freshly caught off of the Washington/Oregon coast. This crab was cooked and brine frozen fresh off the boat! It was then specially processed for us so the legs are individually scored to make it super easy to "snap and eat!" Dungeness crab has a sweet, mild, and slightly nutty taste with tender body meat and leg meat which is slightly firmer. Crab is fully cooked, so reheat and serve.


Cooking Instructions:

Bake, broil, or steam 8 - 10 minutes at 400˚F

Bag size: 2 lb bag

Price: 31.50 per lb


Ingredients: Crab, Salt.


Contains: Shellfish.


Wild Caught


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