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Wontons, Pork & Vegetables

$2000 CAD

KAPOW wontons are quick and easy to prepare as an appetizer, or in an entree or tasty soup. This dim sum standard has become popular in all classes of restaurants.  Asian style dishes are one of the fastest-growing segments in the appetizer category,  are super easy to prepare at home, and sure to impress your family and guests.
Bag size: 1 kg
Pieces per bag: 100 wonton
Cooking Instructions
For best results, thaw before cooking.
1) Pan-fry until brown. Add water, and cover to steam.
2) Deep fry at 365°F for 1.5-2 minutes.
3.) Add frozen into hot soup broth and bring to full boil.
Ingredients: Filling: pork, cabbage, water, green onion, canola oil, white sugar, yeast extract, salt, spices, and sesame oil. Wrapper: wheat flour, water, salt, canola oil.
Wontons are fully cooked.
Contains:  Wheat, sesame