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Steak -Rib Eye (8 oz) AAA

$15500 CAD

We have run out of stock for this item.

Sourced from Smith's Quality Meats these AAA Ribeyes are abundantly flavorful, naturally juicy, and will be any steak lover's choice.  Enjoy a delicious 8oz ribeye steak with AAA-rated quality. Perfectly cut with a high-fat marbling, the ribeye provides a superb flavor without compromising on its tenderness. Perfect for your next BBQ!
1/2 Case size:5 lb 10 steaks         
Full Case size: 10 lb 20 steaks       

Cooking Instructions

Our chef recommends grilling these on a super-hot grill, quickly, to give the steak a great sear without overcooking. If you cook a Ribeye steak indoors, pan-roast or reverse-sear are the best methods.
Ingredients: Beef