Turducken Roast, Bacon Wrapped (1.5 kg)
Turducken Roast, Bacon Wrapped (1.5 kg)

Turducken Roast, Bacon Wrapped (1.5 kg)

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Bacon Wrapped Turducken Roast 1.5 kg

Our Bacon Wrapped Turducken Roast (turkey-duck-chicken) is unique, juicy and delicious product that combines our boneless turducken roast with bacon inside and out to deliver a "wow" taste experience.

These turducken roasts are composed of turkey breast that is wrapped in bacon and layered with boneless, skinless chicken breast meat, boneless, skinless duck breast meat, more bacon inside and stuffed with an Italian sausage mixture.

Currently only available with our original spicy Italian sausage and seasoning, roasts contain no MSG.  Every roast is also totally boneless (no waste!) and packed with protein.  When sliced, each serving provides a cross section of every component ensuring both a visual and taste sensation.  It is perfect for family get-togethers and special occasions like those around Thanksgiving and seasonal holidays, or ideal as an unforgettable tailgate feast.

*Nutritional table provided for informational purposes only.  Actual product package information may vary.